Everyone says your second baby always comes early...well I'm here to say that everyone is WRONG.

Today I am 41 weeks pregnant with no end in sight. I never went into labor on my own with my daughter so I was induced. But just the other day I started having contractions. Just like I was told would happen, they got longer and stronger and closer together. They started around 7:30pm and I finally went to the hospital at 2:30am. After being monitored for a few hours I was sent home because I wasn't "progressing"...I was 4 1/2cm dilated, 75% effaced, -3 station....so they sent me home.

They gave me ambien to help me sleep which stopped contractions and stopped any labor that I was potentially getting to. I was told I'd get a call at 7am to schedule my induction today. Well after not sleeping all night due to nerves, and getting a text from my mom waking me up at 6am...it's now 8am with no phone call. I told my husband they were probably going to call me late and schedule me for tomorrow, in turn causing another sleepless night. I called the hospital and was told that I just needed to wait, emergencies come first and they will call me when they are ready. I am so ridiculously frustrated.


Dear Dominos,

Why do you suck so bad? More importantly, why do I keep ordering from you? During my hunger rages I have but no choice.  It goes something like this...I sit around for a good hour complaining about how hungry I am, I make excuses why I can't eat what we already have and finally my hunger turns into anger toward my husband.  I stroll online and order chickens and Parmesan bites in an attempt to save my marriage.

But tonight was different.  As I entered the chickens section of the webpage I was greeted by a new product, "classic buffalo bites".  I can only wonder if there are total fucking retards or money ridden scum working the webpage.  You're offering buffalo wings with no option for blue cheese dipping sauce...unless you pay for it separately.  But I digress and  since momma didn't raise no fool, I did much research on what said bites contained.  I found a news article but no photos.  I can't believe it took you 2 years to release a $6 pile of slop.  But I'll take my chances I thought.  I mean "classic buffalo bites", I'd assume they are somewhere along the line of the classic bite with buffalo.  However, you should probably put a disclaimer underneath that these "classic" bites contain cheese (not very classic if you ask me) that is going to rip through my ass in a firey rage mid meal.

Enter Parmesan bites. I knew...I just knew when I saw James was the one firing up my bites this wouldn't end well.  And just as I knew would happen, here comes my Parmesan bites with absolutely no garlic. James is notorious for this.  Yet again, dominos has provided a disappointment that will cry tears of sadness out of my hemroid ridden butthole for the next 1-2 days.  See ya tomorrow!


The usual. Spending all my money on makeup. I had an epiphany the other day that I could save a lot of money if I stopped buying makeup, so that's what my plan was...yet every 2-3 days I become a junkie and start itchy to buy something else. So I'm in the same position as before.

I've found some really amazing products though. I've been using Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. I received a sample and I couldn't resist buying it. I love it. It has a cool tingly feeling when applied and it stays after washed over. It works great.

Something else that is well worth every penny is Boscia's Tsubaki Beauty Oil. Oh. My. God. This is the holy grail. I am extremely impressed. I saw an immediate difference in my skin and my face looks fresh and bright. It has really started diminishing old acne scars also. I'm in love. I want to hoard a stash of this in case it ever gets discontinued.

Benefit's Give Me Brow. I've searched for a long time for an easy quick way to do my eyebrows and this is it. This stuff is incredible and super quick and easy.

NARS concealor stick. Love. Just love. Now I know why this stuff is always sold out. It works amazing and doesn't cake like so many others. It's also really easy to apply and you get just the right amount of product. So many other concealers give too much product and it gets wasted.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette & Kat Von D Monarch palette - these 2 palettes are stunning. Love the colors and they are very pigmented and long lasting. The packing on the Kat Von D palette is to die for. I am going to buy her other palette specifically for the packaging.

Becca shimmering skin perfector in opal. Such a gorgeous highlighter, but a little goes a long way. You have to be careful not to use too much or it will look caked.

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils.- I found this mascara by accident. I haven't ever found a mascara that I've been crazy about but I can honestly say that this is my go to mascara. Definitely worth the money.

Benefit POREfessional. - Love. Does exactly what it promises. Personally though if I use it as a primer it can make my foundation seems dried out.


1. GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?
- Most inexpensive: All of my physician's formula products...since they were all free during my couponing days!
- Most expensive: Velour lashes

2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?
- Bare Mineral Bioluminescent Mineral Treatment...this product works amazing, although it's very expensive - $55 - but once it dries it leaves behind a film and comes off in small clumps...maybe I'm just putting too many products on at the same time??

3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?
- LUSH popcorn lip scrub

4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?
- Hair Masks

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?
- Foundation

6. LUST: Name a product you purchased based solely on the packaging.
-Sephora's brush set

7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?
- Anything from Sephora, LUSH, Ulta, Nordstrom


I've always had a thing for makeup. Even when I was younger I always had a drawer chock full of drugstore makeup. Ironically, my obsession is buying it and not actually wearing it. There is nothing more enjoyable to me then taking a good long time on the weekend to do my makeup perfectly while the baby is taking her nap...but quite honestly, I don't have time for that on weekdays. I barely have time to wash my face, and putting on just mascara or eyeliner in 2 seconds isn't worth it to me. It's all or nothing.

6 years ago I briefly (and I mean briefly...) worked at Nordstrom. On my lunch break I would go down to the MAC counter and get my makeup done by those *amazing* girls. I was way too poor on my $9/hour budget to buy anything, but so began my liking for MAC.

About 2 1/2 years ago around Christmas my boss was trying to buy his wife a gift online. He came into my office and asked me if I knew anything about Ebay because he was absolutely clueless. He was buying his wife a $300 "ice box" (basically a makeup organizer)...and even though I had always been one to stop in the makeup aisle for hours at CVS, I wasn't obsessed with makeup even to buy or care about this organizer. I walked him through the ebay process. He got the ice box delivered to work and when it came in the top had a crack in it. He started freaking out about it. I walked him through contacting the seller, and the seller told him to just keep it and they would send a new one since it would cost too much to send back. So he offered it to me for free for helping him!

I remember taking it home and wondering what I was possibly going to put in it since I probably had a whole whopping 5

$1 wet n wild eyeshadows. And this my friends is where the obsession began. I needed to fill this thing. How could I have a $300 organizer with cheap makeup in it?!? I was making much more money at this point, and started building my MAC collection.

I consider myself a "MAC snob". I really don't use many other makeup brands, but believe me I have tried and nothing beats MAC. Here is where my collection now stands:

Mascaras, eyeliners & lip glosses
Brushes & more lip glosses
Brushes, foundations & glues
Primers & bases
Some of my cheaper brand eyeshadows
Free samples
Blushes, bronzers & smaller mascaras/lip glosses etc.
Almost everything in this drawer is MAC & Makeup Geek...eyeshadows, eyeliners, bases & pigments
Palettes that I put together myself...no particular rhyme or reason, just whenever I get new eyeshadows they get put wherever there is space...I should have opened the Urban Decay palette for the picture, it has more intense colors....purple, pink, blues etc
More palettes
And even more palettes...and some glitter
Free samples & lashes
Perfume samples...sooo many...
More foundation, primers, bronzers, face creams, lashes, setting sprays & powder
Perfumes & such
Nail polishes...all my shellac & acrylic nail stuff is located elsewhere...didn't take a picture of any of that
Love love love!! Clarisonic & purity cleanser
Obsessed with oils! Used mostly for hair care
Essentials oils
And all that goes into my current Skincare routine

I used to be big into couponing. I started about 2 1/2-3 years ago when I was working a second part time job. The place I was working was completely dead...no I mean I would work an entire 6-10 shift and not have a single customer. It was great! I mean, besides the owner calling every 2 seconds asking if any customers had been in and every other call pretending to be a customer to test my knowledge of our products and see how enthusiast I was about trying to get people in, it was wonderful sitting around (actually laying around...it was a mattress store), watching movies and eventually teaching myself how to coupon.

I did it for a while and then stopped. I couldn't remember why I had stopped so about 8 months ago I started up again. And then I remembered why I stopped. Yes, free stuff is great. And everyone I know constantly says "you have to teach me"...but here's the thing....free stuff is fantastic, until you realize that it takes a lot of time, effort, arguing and believe it or not, money. You spend all your time matching coupons with deals. Your house becomes ridiculously cluttered, because no matter which way you do it, it doesn't work...or it's too much work. You have thousands of coupons to organize so that you are able to find them quickly when a deal comes up. I've tried every method to date and nothing works for one reason or another...

Then after you spend all that time matching coupons to deals, you head out to the store being as organized as possible...which coupons go to which stores, which deals, what sizes, how much everything will cost pre-coupons, how much it's supposed to cost after coupons, how much you're supposed to get back in extra care bucks, up rewards, target gift cards, register rewards, points...then there are many deals that you need to print the coupons from online which means installing a coupon printer, and blowing through tons of paper and ink. The paper I didn't mind since I got it for free from couponing ha! But ink is very expensive.

And then you have to learn each store's coupon policies...who accepts how many coupons per transaction, per item...are you allowed to stack? Do they allow overage? Then each store has limitations...CVS you need 10 different cards because they usually limit deals to one per card...same with Rite Aid...Walgreens does, but you can do multiple transactions...but wait, don't use register rewards to pay for something that gives you RR....and don't use points for something that gives points....

It's not easy...and then when you finally think you have everything down to a science, you get a stupid f***ing cashier that doesn't know their own policy. The reason I stopped couponing: it is ALWAYS a fight with a cashier, manager, etc.

One per item does NOT mean one per transaction! Do not double means the value of the coupon is not to be doubled...not that I can't buy 2 of the same item!!

Also, after you spent all that money and turned it into RR, ECB, UP etc....there's not any good deals for 2 weeks and they end up expiring and the store will not accept them.

So free is great...but not necessarily always worth your time and effort.


Maybe it's because I work at a place that is so huge on exceptional customer service that makes me so bitter when I experience anything less, but it is what it is...so here's yet another rant.

We have been completely bombarded by snow here to the point where I've done everything in my power to avoid supermarkets. Seeing as how Peapod didn't work out so well last time, I will not ever use it again. My plan was to go Friday night after work, however, due to unforeseen circumstances (like my husband not waking me up before he left for work, inevitably making me late for work and this having to work until 8pm...😡) I was unable to go Friday.

Saturday morning my husband tells me that we are completely out of the baby's milk...okay...time to suck it up and go on the busiest grocery shopping day of the week. I got ready, opened the door and...oh it's snowing! Again! Great...so now the market will be even more packed with everyone rushing to buy what may be their last groceries ever. Whatever right? The baby needs milk so it has to be done.

I walk into the grocery store and take literally the last shopping cart available. If you haven't been able to tell...I really don't have much patience. Thank goodness my mother-in-law took the wheel of the shopping cart because I would have died trying to make my way through. I felt claustrophobic just being in that store with all those people. I picked up that self scanner thing to avoid having to spend a lot of time at check out. However long it took me to shop, probably an hour or more later, I proceed to check out...all groceries bagged, all items rung up...just get me out of here.

The first register we waited at, the woman turned around and said "there's a problem with this register"...mmm...onto the next register...and we waited...finally it was our turn! I noticed in the next aisle someone I knew and said hi...meanwhile, my cashier tells me that there I'm the lucky person to be "audited". If you're unaware of what this is, it means the scanner thing picks you at random to make sure you scanned your items. The cashier then picks 5 or 7 things in your bags at random and scans them to ensure they have been scanned. Except, she can't audit me herself because a manager needs to bring their key over. We literally waited a good 20 minutes...there was no manager around and all the employees were running around with chickens with their heads cut off because of how insanely busy it was.

I noticed the person I knew in the next aisle having some sort of trouble too. Eventually a manager came over, they audited the cart and then couldn't get my order to load. They then tell me they are going to have to open up a new register for me because my order was LOST and now they had to unbag everything, rescan everything and rebag. All $150 of my groceries.

Needless to say, I was not happy. However, I didn't throw a fit. I figured things happened and it's a grocery store, it's not a restaurant where they can comp the meal for the inconvenience. I'm not going to get anything out of it besides looking like a douche. Ok...I keep my mouth shut and leave. Now the snow had accumulated quite a bit due to wasted time.

Fast forward to today...I end up seeing the person that I spotted in the next aisle's wife at work. I told her I saw her hubby at Stop & Shop and she tells me his story first...the credit card machine stopped working at his register so the manager told him to just take his stuff and go and not worry about paying for it. What?!? Seriously!! Now...good for him! But really? I was completely inconvenienced a lot more than that and got squat. I didn't even get a percentage off my order!

Well there it is...end rant!


I've found coming up with meal ideas for my one year old (Aubrey) hasn't been the easiest. When I ask my friends with kids, I always got the answer "feed them whatever you're having". Herein lies the problem...my husband eats candy for dinner and the occassional Mac n' Cheese...I usually don't eat dinner at all because I eat like a pig at lunch time, which I take later in the work day, so I don't find myself getting hungry until 10/11 at night...at which point I am not about to cook myself anything and find myself pulling my teenage whinyness of "there's nothing to eat in this house" while the cabinets and refrodgerator are jam packed with food that I just don't want.

I tried doing the good wife/mother routine briefly, but I have to be honest...I was up at 7am after a night of multiple interruptions, because yes, my daughter still does not sleep through the night. I get ready for work while trying to entertain my daughter at the same time and get her ready. I drive 20 minutes in the opposite direction of work to drop her off to my husband's aunt who watches her for us. I always try to get there 30 minutes early so I feel like I get some quality time with Aubrey instead of dropping her off and running. I then drive to work to be there for 9. My work day ends at 5:45...and most days I get stuck until 6/6:15. Drive another 20 minutes home. Cooking is the last thing I want to do. Anything that doesn't involve me cuddling with that baby is the last thing I want to do.

I've spent a lot of time researching the best and healthiest foods for peanut, yet she never really eats them since we don't prepare them for her. Thankfully, hubby's aunt prepares many healthy, real meals for her during the day. But nights and weekends we find ourselves feeding her baby food from jars. Tonight I came home to my husband's shopping trip of microwave baby dinners. I put my foot down...enough is enough...she can't eat baby food forever and we need to give her what she needs to strive. After much research...hours and hours of research...here's ideas that I found, an example meal schedule, and how to prepare different options. I am just the worst when it comes to cooking, I never learned how...my mom didn't really know how either, although my dad was decent. When it came to puréeing, I didn't know how or where to start...so if you're like me, hopefully this can help with you and your baby as well!


-Wheat toast



-Jam Sandwich


-Grilled cheese (add thin sliced tomato)


-Graham Crackers

-No Salt Saltines (add humus)

-Mac n cheese

-Wheat Pasta

-Animal Crackers



-Scrambled eggs (add cheese)

-Hard boiled egg cut up into pieces





-Deli Chicken



-Cheese cubes

-Diced string cheese

-Yogurt (add fresh fruit)

-Sugar free Pudding

-Cottage cheese




-Peaches in can

-Pears in can

-steamed apples

-Grapes cut into 1/4s










-Steamed carrots


-Steamed beets

-Green beans


-Sweet potatoe (steamed & diced)

-Mashed potatoes

-Olives (cut into 1/4s)


How to Simmer:

-Place chopped fruit into saucepan or small bowl

-Add just enough water to cover the bottom (juicier fruits do not need water)

-Cover & cook on low until soft

-Less than 5 minutes

-Keep juice to thin purée if needed

How to Roast:

-Preheat oven to 450

-Spread chopped veggies on a rimmed baking sheet lined with foil

-Roast until very tender when pierced with a fork

-About 20 minutes

How to Steam:

-Place veggies in a steamer set over boiling water

-Cook 10-15 minutes or until tender

-Keep water to thin if needed

**A great idea I read was to put the puréed into ice cube trays, once frozen, move them into freezer bags & label. To thaw, store in refridgerater over night or microwave for 30 seconds. Genius! Fast and efficient!

And finally, sample meal plan:


1/2 cup iron fortified cereal or 1 cooked egg

1/2 cup organic whole milk

1/2 banana

2-3 sliced strawberries


Slice of wheat toast or yogurt

1/2 cup milk


1/2 sandwich - turkey, chicken, tuna or egg salad

1/2 cup cooked greens

1/2 cup milk


1-2 oz. cubed or string cheese or 2-3 tablespoons of berries

1 cup milk


2-3oz. cooked meat

1/2 cup cooked yellow or orange veggies

1/2 cup pasta, rice or potatoe

1/2 cup milk

**Everything I use is organic, wheat, whole grain, all natural, no sugar added, no salt, reduced sodium etc.

All ideas were found through different websites online or on Pinterest.


I swear I am the last person on earth to find out about absolutely everything! No matter what the topic is, I am always given weird looks (and secretly judged I'm sure lol) when I haven't heard of something widely known. So here goes...you have all probably heard of this but I have just found out and thought it was necessary to share.

Apparently there are 2 lists of foods out there...1 of which is a list of foods with the highest amount of pesticides used and the other not so much, or maybe not at all...I don't know, but I know it is the "clean" list. So just in case I am in fact not the last person on the earth to find out about this, I will educate you on what these lists include...here goes...

The Dirty Dozen:

1. Apples

2. Celery

3. Cherry tomatoes

4. Cucumbers

5. Grapes

6. Blueberries

7. Nectarines - imported

8. Peaches

9. Potatoes

10. Spinach

11. Strawberries

12. Sweet bell peppers/hot peppers

13. Kale/collard greens

14. Summer squash

Not quite sure why they call it dozen when there's 14 things on the list...there's probably a reason that I didn't do enough research to find out why...meh

The Clean Fifteen:

1. Asparagus

2. Avocado

3. Cabbage

4. Cantalope

5. Sweet corn

6. Eggplant

7. Grapefruit

8. Kiwi

9. Mangos

10. Mushrooms

11. Onions

12. Papayas

13. Pineapple

14. Sweet peas - frozen

15. Sweet potatoes

For more information, you can visit the website that I found this information:



Recently I redeemed "sales points" that I accumulated at work for gift cards to multiple venues from giftcertificates.com. They didn't have many options for nearby stores or restaurants, but my 2 biggest interests they offered was Sephora & Macy's.

Now, normally I choose to do my shopping at Nordstrom, however this wasn't an option. I figured it's basically the same...minus the great customer service.

First I ordered a Michael Kors purse online in black. When it arrived in the mail I was so excited. I opened it and found that it looked different than online. The "MK" design looked more gray online and it person it was so dark it basically blended in with the black. As a mom of a 13 month old that works 50+ hours a week, anytime I get with my daughter is precious, so I choose not to go out on dates with my husband, nights out with friends, etc. very often. Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled about having to troop it to the mall (due to the fact that returns via mail are not free and shipping that big would probably be pretty expensive) & take time away from my peanut.

I went to the mall to exchange it and they did not carry the same one in brown. The associate said she could exchange it with free shipping. I confirmed with her that the brown one would look similar to another bag I showed her and she confirmed. When I got it in the mail, it was not like the one I saw in the store. Once again the lighter brown "MK" basically blended in with the dark brown. I dealt with it, I still liked it better than the black one.

A few days later I ordered a new Guess wallet and a Betsey Johnson makeup bag (which I LOVE btw!)...when it comes in the mail, the price tag on both say they are on sale for 25% off...the wallet was $12 less than what I paid for it and the makeup bag was $10 less than what I paid. I picked up the phone and called customer service to ask for a refund of the sale price (honestly, this should have been applied without me having to call)...I get an automated system that recognized my phone number and starts rambling on about previous purchases, tracking numbers, delivery dates etc. No option to speak with a representative! I pressed "0" and was told incorrect entry. I ended up having to email them about the price difference and how their phone system is frustrating how you can't speak to a rep. They refunded the difference onto a random gift card...I have to check in because it's not my gift card number so I don't know how to utilize it...they did not comment on their phone set up however.

I don't know why they ship everything seperately, but a few days later I receive the Coach watch that I ordered. This time they scratched out the original price and the sale price...assumingly so that they wouldn't have to issue me a refund on whatever sale amount showed on the tag. Either way I got it for a good price.

Lastly, my new shower head comes in the mail from them. This is the straw that broke the camel's back...you could tell that the product had been returned. The hard plastic casing was cut open on both corners at the bottom and ripped open!! I couldn't believe that they'd ship me a product that someone else opened! I emailed them and told them I wanted it exchanged for the same one but unopened. I am not taking my shower apart to find out the product doesn't work or is missing pieces, it was obviously returned for a reason. Their invoice has a return label and it says that if you use it they will charge $7 for the return to use the label. I told them they better not charge me $7 for their careless mistake!!

I think I'm done ordering online from Macy's!

**UPDATE: Macy's handled everything pretty quickly and efficiently for me...i have still had better experiences elsewhere without having to ever complain but at least they made all right in the end.